5 ways to *shui* with sea salt

whenever i mention working with salt, the follow up Q is “what kind of salt?”

except for table salt, any salt is FAB. however, i am partial to sea salt – mostly because it is what i can grab at the grocery store most reliably. so, if you see some on your next trip, here are 5 ways you can put it to good use!

TIP ONE: in a bowl

whenever you need to *scrub* low vibes or questionable energy circulating your home, put a bowl of sea salt out (in the middle of your home) for 24 hours. any time up to (but no longer than) 24 hours, toss the salt in an outside trash. salt possesses powerful cleansing properties, so it soaks up degraded energy. BONUS: it’s easy, cheap and SUPER effective to use as often as needed. 

TIP TWO: in your wallet

place a pinch of sea salt in your wallet. salt draws energy to it, and wallet energy is money mojo. cha-ching! (replace weekly – this will nudge you to keep your wallet clean, too.)

TIP THREE: as protection

sprinkle grains of sea salt around your home’s periphery.this creates an energetic dome and detours any negative energy that might come your direction.

TIP FOUR: at your front door

stream a pinch of salt along the threshold to attract auspicious chi and abundance into your home and to all those who enter your space.

TIP FIVE: in all 4 corners of your house

money woes? put a pinch of salt in all four corners of your house. alternatively, you can place it in small containers. this will “mop up” any fiscal fiasco energy. be sure to clean up (or empty out) the salt every week, and replace until no longer needed! xo