simple shui | 8 ways to use mirrors for good feng shui

mirrors are commonly referred to as the aspirin of feng shui because they offer so many simple and potent fixes. i’ve used all these mirror ‘remedies’ over the years, and most require a giant leap of surrender. why? i can’t explain HOW or WHY they work, but believe-you-me, they do. so, how about 8 ways to use mirrors for good feng shui?

mirror, mirror on the wall…

no 1: place a mirror behind the stove. a stove’s burners represent your prosperity so rotate through all of them evenly to maximize auspicious opportunities. as for the mirror, it reflects and doubles that prosperity. if a mirror isn’t your thing, use a shiny teakettle instead. during an interview for an online seminar, the host told me she did this cure when her business wasn’t selling. the next day, after hanging a mirror by her stove top, she had a full-asking offer on the table! so, a mirror here EQUALS irresistible good luck charm.

no 2: disperse energy with a convex mirrors. let’s say a client has a staircase leading out the front door AND she’s experiencing money trouble or opportunity woes. i recommend a convex mirror to catch and scatter the energy back into the house. hang it so the mirror faces you as you come down the stairs. by the way, the mirror doesn’t need to be BIG to work. a small convex mirror does the trick perfectly!

no 3: slow the pace. convex mirrors are also a great for long hallways, where energy tends to rush through the house. if you feel the burn from the constant hustle, this will slow the tempo down to a nice, steady beat.

no 4: spread the light. i LOVE the way a mirror lights up a room, especially in places that tend to be dark-ish in a home. a mirror captures and reflects what little light is available. it also keeps energy romping around the room. consider this a good cure for guest rooms, basements, and closets. just remember, they double what they reflect so this might require a little clutter raid before the mirror works FOR you.



“there are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton

no. 5: curate creative space. mirrors expand space, bringing it to life. and the more active a space is, the more stimulated we feel. consider this a simple prescription for lassoing creative vibes.

no. 6: minimize unwanted energy. if there is something within your line of sight from your house you don’t like – say, a pole or a tree – place a concave mirror toward it to ‘shrink’ its presence. if you sit at a T-intersection, place a convex mirror or gazing ball in your yard to ‘bounce’ the energy, noise, and traffic away from your house. is placing a mirror is too challenging? use a highly reflective surface – perhaps a brass door knocker – to do the abracadabra for you!

no. 7: remove any broken or distorted mirrors. mirrors represent our ability to see clearly, and a cracked mirror can distort or fragment our perceptions.

no. 8: double up. a small round mirror (no more than 6 inches) is a genius way to enhance any shui cures we implement. so, if i have an altar with my written intentions and personal objects set up, a mirror underneath this spread amplifies the shui LOVE.

here’s the best part: any of these mirror cures will have you in the sway of some positive shui! just remember to set a clear intention so that your ‘remedy’ is activated. and then watch for coincidences and synchronicity! how’s that for some shui wisdom and whimsy? xo