a challenge for you in 2024

think of your home as a family member.


instead of assuming it is there just for you, realize YOU ARE PART OF ITS LIFE, too.

chances are high our homes will outlive us, so make the time you spend in yours count. whenever we LOVE our homes, the energy is reciprocated back in truly magnificent ways.

here’s a simple way to get started: give yours a little TLC weekly. for me, the gesture is fresh flowers (at least) once a week.

a few other ideas:

give every room one WOW factor – this animates the space and lifts its confidence almost immediately! work through your space one WOW per week, and see what happens when that enthusiasm is flowing from room to room!

splurge on a signature scent – a candle, incense, or house spray that you LOVE – and start the day with it!

keep passion on display in your home – anything you absolutely LOVE works. a home that showcases your personality gives off that one-of-a-kind, stand-out energy!

invest in quality. translation: (1) less impulse buying. (2) choosing (and sometimes splurging) on items intentionally designed/made for endurance. and (3) compiling a room on a simmer (instead of a hustle).

do an intentional edit / declutter. the things in our lives – all of it – have two possibilities: they are either enhancing our quality of life (we call that a deposit) or they are interfering with it (we call that a withdrawal). it is important to know that no matter the cost of something, if you are not loving, using, needing, or appreciating what you have, it is taking energy from you. this is exactly why the “spark joy” movement lit a fire – because clutter is a buzzkill. xo