a client story: how one book led to BIG transformations!

if you’ve been wondering how much difference the 365 prompts in Simple Shui for Every Day can make in your life, this client’s email is for YOU.

“i’ve been meaning to update you for a few months on all the AMAZING shui changes that have occurred for us this year from reading your book! i am truly shocked when i look back to January and see where my life is now.

i had made this ‘dream list’ of all the things i was going to do in my house in January, but minimal things have actually been accomplished off that list. LOL! however, better things in my life have to come to fruition instead. as i have read your book and you encouraged doing X, Y, Z, i would do those things, which led to something totally different happening in my house and life.

learning about Feng Shui and putting it into practice has brought me strength, inspiration, and encouragement to do things i didn’t think i had the strength or time or confidence to do.

my favorite example is i had this super ugly gray filing cabinet that was probably from an old office in the 90’s. Michael brought it home about 15 years ago. we kept all of our bills and important papers in it. i hated it the day he brought it home, and the stuff in it was stressful. in your book, you encourage readers to organize and go through their bills, finances, and office space. so, i tackled all three!

i started with the ‘A’ file, went onto the ‘B’… and after about 3 weeks, i’d shredded more papers than you can even imagine (medical bills from 2016, all sorts of random stuff that didn’t need to be saved) and bought a new, very small filing box. it holds our bills now and resides in a closed cabinet in my desk – not out in the open on display.

i closed 10+ credit cards i didn’t even know were still opened.

i moved all my bills to my bank website, which had a free bill paying center, and closed the $10/month one i’d been using since 1999!!

i unsubscribed to all the junk email, cleaned up/deleted unused files, and spent time organizing a monthly financial plan to decrease our expenses. surprise, surprise – i found there was lots of wasted money each month!

guess what happened from all this? MAGIC! FORTUNE! my office / house / life came to life and began to flow!

we came into some money in March and now have a nest egg of 9 months emergency expenses.

we both increased our 401Ks.

we increased William’s monthly college fund.

we increased vacation fund money.

we have money set aside now for William’s first car.

from another ‘fortune’ standpoint, i also started a new job at my company in March (!). long story short, i’ve helped make my company over $150,000 so far this year. i’m super proud of this!

getting rid of that ugly gray filing cabinet – which sat next to my desk for the last 5 years as i’ve worked from home and i’m now sure it was sucking all of the energy out of my life without me even realizing it – has made a huge difference in my life. 

i replaced this space with a beautiful ladder bookshelf that i now look at multiple times a day as i work and admire all the beautiful things i’ve put on it.

Feng Shui has taught me to appreciate and respect my house for who it is. it definitely feels like another family member, and i am amazed by how much “it” guides me into what needs to be done next in my home.

i really appreciate your way to teaching that shui is not an all-or-nothing or fear-based approach. some principles may not be feasible for us, and people sometimes need a workaround (if that makes sense). you always provide an alternative to ideas.

keep doing you, Amanda!! i know how hard you work every day, and i love your upbeat Instagram posts, too! you’re a rock star that has helped so many people throughout the world. how cool is that?! keep up the amazing work! ~holly”

this note had me in tears because she captured EVERYTHING shui is meant to do. it will guide you. nudge you. trigger opportunities. and if you’re willing to take necessary action, those efforts will improve your life. it truly is a practice that doesn’t disappoint; its wisdom has endured thousands of years (because it works!); and it consistently cultivates a way of being that makes a good life INEVITABLE. so, if you haven’t started the book OR you don’t have a copy yet, consider this your inspired prompt… because there’s plenty of road left in 2020 for your own raving transformation! xo