a client story: when a little shui goes a long way!

i gifted her a copy of the bagua over her house sketch many, many years ago.

at the time, we had a light conversation about it, and i shared a few ways she could get *better* energy prancing around her.

several years later, i am space clearing her house. our conversation this time was a little more serious. she was in a corrosive rut and needed a little energetic bulldozing to remember and revive the pleasure of hope.

i tell her it will only take 1-2 changes in her surroundings for the fun to start – and that the little things we do to show our home TLC often brew the strongest results.

we see each other next at a neighborhood party – and she is beaming with the kind of energy that could send a rocket to the moon.

“i have a new job! and you want to know the craziest part about it? i decided to clean my china hutch out. like, really clean it out. i completely emptied it and washed every single thing. and before the week was over, i had a call from someone who had seen my resume online – somewhere i wasn’t even active anymore! isn’t my hutch in the wealth section?”

i smiled BIG.

“it’s in your career area. and as crazy as it might sound to others, hearing this doesn’t surprise me one bit!”

i LOVE stories like this. (lucky me, i hear them all the time.)


shui works if you do.

i say this often, but I couldn’t do this work with others if i wasn’t consistently witnessing soul-shining changes and shifts.

when it comes to triggering change with shui, we tend to over-complicate it. out-think it. worry if we don’t understand it, it won’t work for us.

so, if that’s you, try this instead: deliberately and intentionally change something in your home – even if it’s as simple as really cleaning one area of your house. this will absolutely break up any old / tired patterns that have become a bit too run-on. it will put a dash of hope back on your horizon. best of all, though, it will have transformation brigading your way! xo