a client story: where’s your closet located?

over lunch, a girlfriend asked me what i thought about the current trends on clearing clutter.

“if we don’t understand how clutter really affects us, the whole de-cluttering process becomes a run-on sentence. so, right now, everyone is getting rid of stuff – and that is great! they purge and clear and feel good. but eventually, more tumbles in. so, it’s not only about getting rid of stuff – it’s understanding HOW clutter collides head on with what we really want from life. when we get that, we suddenly have zero tolerance for acquiring too much stuff in the first place.”

“well, i’m pretty good about most of my house except my closet,” she said. “no matter how hard i try to keep it organized, it’s a weak spot for me.”

“closets are about our authenticity – who we are in the world. so, sometimes clutter here is a way of hiding ourselves and our emotions.”

“mmmm, i don’t think that’s it. . .”

“do you follow the buy something new, give something away rule?” i asked.

“not really.”

this is the moment i wildly LOVE working one-on-one with someone. i can take shui from a macro approach into a micro solution.

“you know the Feng Shui map, right?”

she nodded.

“well, you can apply that over anything. so, if we imposed it over your bedroom, guess where the closet is? it consumes the wealth and prosperity area.”

her eyes widened and her attention perked. i could see a whole new understanding staring at her.

“what you tolerate in that space will absolutely affect your wealth energy. so, it’s a pretty good reason to clear out your closet and create some open space. because breathing space will make room for you to move in new directions. and any TLC here will mobilize luck and wealth.”

she paused.


and said, “two words, Amanda: MIND BLOWN. i am SO cleaning my closet when i get home.”

having clutter is not a bad thing – we all have pockets of it. but when we learn how it’s causing unnecessary belligerence in our lives, well, we are usually more than motivated to swoop in and deal with it once and for all. xo