a client story: why size matters

one of my House Therapy students and her business partner recently re-located to a “new-to-them” office space. the space – while gorgeous – had one desk that was in the center of the room in command, while the other desk faced a wall. on top of that, the desk in command was much larger.

my student noted there were new conflicts occurring in their relationship – she felt more *shut down* in their conversations, even though they are equal partners.

she was curious if adding a mirror on the wall her desk faced would help.

the short answer was yes.


there were a few other things we discussed – one being the desk sizes and the different quality of chairs paired with each desk.

much like a bedroom, we don’t need things to be *matchy matchy* in a shared office space, but we do need the individual working areas (especially in equal partnerships) to share similar proportions.

for instance, in a shared bedroom, if one nightstand is smaller than the other; if one side has a lamp and the other doesn’t; if one side of the bed has less floor space than the other… it suggests one person has more *say*; holds more ground; feels more important than the other in that relationship.

this isn’t something transactional, so it’s not always immediately noticeable. rather, it is a subtle conversation that – over time – uplifts the person with more *room* while slowly diminishing the *amount of space* the other feels they can take up. 

this same “equal footing” metaphor applies to a shared office space, too.

and while getting two desks in command in an office can be tricky (i know – i have that configuration in mine!), it is energy well-spent to find an arrangement that prioritizes both individuals (especially if they’re equal partners).

finally, any time we’ve hit some conflict and it propels us to make changes in our surroundings, it’s a good idea to do a quick energy clearing afterwards so you can deliberately set (and say out loud) your new intentions for both of you in that shared space! xo