Bagua Revisited

A loyal reader of mine emailed me last week asking, “How exactly do I use the bagua?” Some of you may recall, I introduced the Feng Shui bagua a while back. However, it can be a tricky thing to learn, much less work with so…I am going to try and explain how you can work with it.

The first thing I want you to do is place this map over your house, using either an actual or mental blueprint of your home’s layout. Your front door aligns with one of the bottom 3 squares in the image above: KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM, CAREER, or TRAVEL & HELPFUL PEOPLE.

Standing at your front door looking inside your house, what is in the very back left-hand corner of your home? This is your WEALTH & PROSPERITY section.

Still standing at your front door looking inside, what is in the very back right-hand corner of your home? This is your LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS section.

Continue working from your front door, locating each section of the bagua. Once you have identified all 9 bagua squares within your house, pay attention to each space. The bagua squares correspond with our lives. If you want to see more of something in your life, look no further than the bagua. Ask yourself: Does my WEALTH section make me think of prosperity or poverty? If I want to travel somewhere, do I have a picture of my destination in the appropriate space (TRAVEL)? If I am learning a new skill, is it represented somehow in my KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM section? Is my HEALTH section healthy? Are there magazines with people I do not admire in my FAME & REPUTATION section?

When I have used feng shui in clients’ homes, the biggest deterrent has been CLUTTER. How can you manifest positive and lasting results if you are constantly worn down by excessive and unnecessary stuff? Is there really any room in your space to welcome new, prosperous, exciting changes? These are excellent questions to start you thinking in terms of what you are attracting into your life.

Once you have worked through all 9 bagua squares, go to a room. “Bagua” it. Identify all 9 squares within the space. Next, go to your desk. Sit down and repeat this process. Open a closet, turn on the light, and repeat again. The repetition of seeing different spaces as 9 bagua squares will help solidify the concept and before you realize, you will think of PROSPERITY every time you are in the corresponding section of your home, a room, or at your desk.

Now, I realize few builders have Feng Shui in mind when they are creating houses so your home is probably not a perfect square. Use the bagua and simply notice if any of its sections are missing. There are “adjustments” that can be made to remedy this so no fear if your love section is partially missing. But ask yourself if anything has been amiss in this area of your life — if so, you are already beginning to understand the power of the bagua.

Using the bagua can be confusing, and I still occasionally reference my books. However, the main idea is to make changes in your home (using the bagua as a map) that  (1) create supportive chi (energy), (2) signify your intentions and goals, and (3) remind you AND your subconscious of what you desire.

In the coming months, I will be developing a list of services on my blog — a bagua consultation will be available so if this is easier to have done than do, I understand. Hold tight, and we will discuss in the coming weeks how I can help!