Carpe Diem!

It is Day 3 of my worry-fast, and I KID YOU NOT, there is major bippity-boppity-boo going on here. Without jinxing the forces that be, I had 2 amazing opportunities show up yesterday that, of course, I knew nothing of on Monday. Today, 3 more appeared. I am beginning to like uncertainty! In thinking about what translated from my blog post into reality, I am certain 1 component made all the difference: CONVICTION.

Carpe Diem 

When you really mean something, there is a shift in your results. Ask yourself: Is this a "Carpe Diem" or a "C'est La Vie" moment? Really. Ask yourself. Because when what is going on around you isn't working, something deep down inside will get fired up and decide it is about time to send doubt and fear on a well needed sabbatical…if you dare! Thinking precisely, expecting something better, and refusing to worry about it…well, what can I say? It works better than magic!