Chaos in the Kitchen

Chances are, someone reading this made the intention to become healthier in 2009. Whether hitting the gym or ignoring the sweet tooth is your approach, take it a step further. When you look in your refrigerator and pantry, what do you see? Be honest. We often make resolutions without doing any prep work. How can you manifest new and refreshed energy if what you see is chaos?


If you absolutely want to be more vibrant and healthy, your food and its space need to reflect this intention. By taking an hour or two now to organize these spots, you are creating a custom support system. Throw out anything, anything, expired and/or unused. Group like items, such as baking goods, canned goods, cereals, rice and pasta…you feeeling it? Find a "place" for everything and use it! Know what you are shopping for before you get inside the grocery store, and stick to it.

Imagine opening the refrigerator or pantry and feeling encouraged, maybe even inspired, by your fresh and well organized choices.To really become healthy, we need to respect the mind-body-spirit connection. Our kitchens and the food they store certainly feed our appetites, but ultimately, we are nourishing our souls as well.