deal me in!

my House Therapy students asked me recently for my favorite oracle card recommendations, and it turned out to be a FAB list. and while I was in Sedona earlier this summer, I slipped into a wonderful little shop – Soul Shine – and picked up a few more that I am absolutely loving these days, too. so, if you’re curious, here are the decks I shared:

Divine Abundance Oracle Cards by Tosha Silver– I absolutely LOVE these for planting seeds of abundance and pivoting that money chatter toward prosperity projections.*

Dolla Dolla Bills Healing Deck from The Salt Lounge – I’ve had this deck for a while and it is always reliable for inspiring new money mantras. plus, they’re edged with shiny gold (ooh-la-LOVE!) and just gorgeous FUN! 

Animal Spirit by the Wild Unknown – this is probably my *oldest* and most worn out deck. e’rryone here reaches for this house favorite!*

How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get by Sarah Seidelmann – Sarah is one of my favorite humans, so she’s always welcome here! she’s also the one who turned me on to understanding animal medicine almost a decade ago, so if you ever wonder why most of my decks are animal-guided, now you know!

Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder – this deck is colorful and whimsical, and the guide book packs in quite a bit of perspective for each card!*

Winterseer Animal Oracle by Siolo Thompson – this one is newer for me, but the watercolors of the animals, the guide book and the box are all – in a word – STUNNING!*

Messengers From The Great Bear / Oracle Cards by Sarah Hammond Studio– I found this deck at a little shop next to my girls’ school in Vancouver, and it felt like a way to keep me connected to their little home away from home. it is – by far – the simplest deck (illustration-wise) I own, but I LOVE that simplicity paired with new-to-me animal wisdom!

Seasons of the Witch / Yule Oracle by Lorriane Anderson & Juliet Diaz – another sumtuous deck that I reach for during winter. it is part of a bigger collection that includes decks for ImbolcBeltaneMabon, and Samhain. my guess is they’re all just as breathtakingly beautiful and decadently delightful for working with!*

Ritual Affirmation Card Deck by The Mystic YaYa – I am a BIG Mhakea fan, the creator of this affirmation deck. we had her over to House Therapy this year to treat the students to a crystal workshop (which was AHH-MAZING)! hers is another powerfully simple deck with positive messages to start and carry with you throughout your day.

and now, here are my newest “additions”…

Celtic Tree Oracle by Sharlyn Hidalgo – this deck is also aesthetically pleasing and the guide *readings* are more in-depth than many of my decks.*

Divine Feather Messenger by Alison DeNicola – I am a bird watcher and bird feather collector, and my family LOVES to tease me about it. that said, I am madly in love with the fact that I know so many *chirps.* so, this one felt like a MUST HAVE. I pull from this deck almost every night, and the feather illustrations excite me as much as the “meaning” reveal!*

Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild – these cards are full-tilt exquisite and the messages are magical sermons, which turned this deck almost instantly into an all-time favorite!*

*if you purchase from these ‘*’ links, i earn a small commission at no extra cost to you; however, my endorsement burns brightly just the same if you shop these finds elsewhere!