did you know the bagua means this?

a lesser known aspect of the bagua is each life area corresponds to a family member. while you can’t shui others – remember, it is an intentional practice, and you can’t set intentions for someone else – you can create a supportive environment that curates good chi. and that is something everyone will feel, even if they aren’t participating in the shui. so, look to the area associated with you or your loved one for possible clues. ask: is there an invitation to declutter / emphasize ease / simplify / clarify yourself (or on behalf of my loved one) in this area?

LOVE / RELATIONSHIPS area resonates with head-of-household female energy.

HELPFUL PEOPLE / TRAVEL supports head-of-household male energy.

WEALTH / PROSPERITY is home to 1st born daughter energy.

FAME / REPUTATION holds 2nd born daughter energy.

CHILDREN / CREATIVITY channels 3rd born daughter energy.

FAMILY / NEW BEGINNINGS area lifts 1st born son energy.

CAREER / LIFE JOURNEY caters to 2nd born son energy.

SELF-CULTIVATION / KNOWLEDGE houses to 3rd born son energy.

If you have more than 3 daughters / sons, you simply start over with the area of the 1st and repeat.

this is one of the first ways i begin assessing how to help clients when they’re facing personal / family challenges. want to learn even more ways to interpret this map for your benefit and boon? schedule a consult! xo