Fa La La La…Le Creuset

If you are wondering just what to ask for this Christmas, may I make a suggestion or two? Ask Santa Baby for a Le Creuset dutch oven or tea kettle…or BOTH!

These are staples in my kitchen, both in usability and appearance. The Le Creuset company has been around since 1925 so they have mastered the art of functionality with style. And just like any great cook knows the importance of good ingredients, so do the folks at Le Creuset. Each product is cast in its own sand mold, which is then broken after casting. So every Le Creuset product is, indeed, an original.

Whether you need to put a spot of water on to boil for a quick cup o' tea OR a slow simmering stew, Le Creuset is the way to go…fa la la la la la la la laaaa!!!

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