gimme 6 (weeks)!

Feng Shui is often associated with sweet returns, but like any recipe, a normally delicious ingredient in the wrong recipe can create a less-than-savory dish – and that holds true for shui more than most realize.

here’s what I mean:

you can work your heart out in one area of your house…

plump up the chi with all the right energy adjustments and helpers…

clear your clutter…

focus on a few carefully chosen rituals…

and still not see the opportunities you were hoping to trigger with your efforts.

does that mean shui didn’t work?


it simply means there is a splinter somewhere in (or outside) your space that is likely the culprit, and until it is remedied / adjusted, your TLC and hard work will feel a lot like “shui doesn’t work for me.”

how about a quick example?

let’s say someone is working their Wealth area with everything they’ve got – hoping to maintain a steady clientele and increase their residual income. they’ve been reading about the Wealth area and its energetic accoutrements, so they prep and dress it accordingly.

maybe they notice a quick win, but after that “first high,” it seems business went back to usual.

they ask me to take a look-see, and I immediately spot 2 splinters:

the front door lines up with their back door, and that back door is in the Wealth area.

no matter how lovely the Wealth area feels and looks, I know immediately that opportunities are rushing through their lives and exiting right out that door – which is why they see opportunities coming their way but it feels like one hiccup after another to hold onto those opportunities long enough for them to accumulate in a financially replenishing way.

the thing is – from a shui perspective – that front door / back door alignment and location is a super simple “problem” to fix, and that fix works miracles!

this is the kind of learning happening in my Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant (BYOFSC) course – complete with multiple options for fixing common (but less well-known) problems!

so, are you wondering now if shui can help you? the short answer is yes yes YES!

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