got clutter? this is for YOU!

most people think of clutter as something they’ll eventually get to, but while they’re waiting, here’s what’s actually happening every day in between:

no. 1: we struggle staying fully focused on what really matters (family, health, self-care, financial freedom, etc.) because our clutter competes for and demands our attention, too.

no. 2: the overwhelm of all our stuff gives us what scientists call “decision fatigue.” think about getting dressed and how many times you’ve sighed *I have nothing to wear* but the closet is full. that’s decision fatigue, lovelies.

no. 3: when we don’t prioritize our space, our things call the shots. and if you think otherwise, take me to the closet or drawer you don’t want anyone to see…

no. 4: when we don’t take time to filter through our things, we live our lives by default instead of designing the life we want deep down because we keep putting off going through all that stuff. ever wonder who you are without all those distractions? intriguing, right?

no. 5: the longer you hold onto something, the more attached you become to it.

so, if you are ready to clean your space in preparation for something new or your “next thing”, take this approach out for a spin:

ask yourself: WHAT AM I REALLY TRYING TO ACHIEVE? consider the space, and see if what you’re holding onto supports or drains that purpose. more importantly, DOES IT MAGNIFY OR MINIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL?

and then – because I know the releasing can be tricky – try this:

instead of hovering over what you’re getting rid of, think about what goals and improvements you’re moving toward. xo