here’s the best of what i’ve learned…

i have been shui-ing since 2007, and after years a’plenty of practice and observation, here’s what i think matters most when it comes to collaborating with the energy in your home:

ONE: what’s happening outside your home matters more than you’d think, so it’s not just those realtors that care about curb appeal!

TWO: predecessor chi is real, and it ripples into your energy (feelings, thoughts, behaviors) if you’re not mindfully clearing it.

THREE: the 3 power spots of a home (front door, bedroom and kitchen) hold enormous influence to enrich your chi – and they’re generally the “best” starting places when you’re new to shui. 

FOUR: the way energy (opportunities, possibilities) flows through your life is often persuaded by how chi flows through your home.

FIVE: your aesthetic preference (minimalism, maximalist, anything -core!) is not as informative to your shui success as you think – rather, it’s more about what you LOVE, what lights you up, what you need and use, and all the stories your things are telling.

SIXcolor is an efficient fix in a lot of situations.

SEVEN: when things in your life change, your home is going to change, too.

EIGHT: not all clutter is bad – much of that decision and discernment depends on what’s going on in your life.

NINE: quality over quantity almost always works in your favor, so being persistent on this one is worth your patience.

TEN: there are opportunities and possibilities all around your home, so a little shui fluency is SUPER helpful for turning those into probabilities! xo