house therapy | allow shui to wow you!

I recently shared this over on Insta – reminding everyone that if you’ve got money on your mind, you don’t want to place your purse on the floor because it suggests a disregard for wealth.

I highly recommend linking over to the video to read the comments! one of my favorite parts of sharing shui is the tremendous overlap I am constantly hearing from other people’s stories, upbringings, cultures, beliefs and traditions. this is why I remain convinced shui is in everyone’s DNA.

it was also somewhere in that purse conversation that I started noticing Qs about red wallets, like…

“I thought a red wallet is considered burning money…”

so, in this week’s episode of House Therapy, we’re exploring a fabulous truth of Feng Shui:

its multi-faceted tools can be of service in many, many ways…and we discuss three!

hope you enJOY the deeper look at shui’s versatility.

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