house therapy | boost your (shui) fitness!

I started 2024 with ‘strength training’ as a goal, and as summer was nearing – and I wasn’t getting any closer to picking up the weights – I decided to ask for help.

I joined a small gym with small classes so I would have a place to “show up”, there was an investment required, and there was some built-in accountability.

so, why am I telling you that I am “up in the mornings working on my fitness” – like Fergie (haha!)?

fitness is described as “being physically strong or how suitable someone or something is for a particular job or situation.”

and any time I take on a new ritual or routine, I can’t help but notice the correlations with Feng Shui, so let me explain how fitness shares some generous overlap. listen to this week’s episode of House Therapy, and then head over here to grab your seat(s) in my courses! xo