house therapy | design choices are energy choices

this week’s episode House Therapy was inspired by a question that came in for a You Asked, I Answered! episode, but because it is such a great vehicle for driving toward how versatile and accommodating Feng Shui can be, I dedicated an entire conversation to it.

so, here’s the email and Q:

“I am a huge fan of the podcast and look forward to new episodes every week. My question is about flooring. We plan to replace our old worn carpet soon, and I was curious about the connection between Feng Shui and flooring options.

Does the choice of hardwood, bamboo, laminate, carpet, vinyl, etc. make a difference in the energy within the home? Do rugs matter?

This decision is an investment for us, and I want to make the best call. Thank you for sharing your shui wisdom! You’re an amazing teacher!”

(BIG thanks for the kind words here – I appreciate them so much!)

so, the short answer is YES, it all matters. and while I can’t answer with the best choice for you (because, as you’re about to learn, there are many factors I would need to know), I can unpack some of the things I want you to consider.

grab those notebooks because this episode is a little deeper dive into the mechanics of shui! (if it leaves you wanting to know even more, grab a seat in my course – I’ll be teaching all its modules live again, and we begin next week!)

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