house therapy | design your home with well-being in mind

Feng Shui often reveals what is “hidden” or disruptive in our lives. when we moved to our house, we spent so much time, effort and resources trying to make it feel like home. and while some of the issues were stylistic and visually design specific, what was really underneath our restlessness and frustrations – I learned so much later – was the layout of our home and some of its surroundings.

I want to really emphasize this because what we don’t know can sometimes be making our challenges harder. and if we don’t know, we take those “hits” personally. eventually, and over time, we can experience feelings of anxiety or depression because of it.

so, while I am in no way saying “fix your house, and any mental health issues you might experience will disappear” – I am saying: we can reduce a lot of the triggers for stressors that could be contributing factors. so, in this week’s episode, I am sharing where I tend to guide my clients when they mention anxiety or depression – and it turns out, the design world is starting to adopt many of these, too!

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