house therapy | “how much is this going to cost me?”

when I work with clients 1:1, one of my first objectives is to identify where the momentum and wins already within reach live for them in their home. sometimes, it’s identifying interruptions and distractions that need remedying; sometimes it’s knowing the best starting point (even if it feels like a BIG task); and sometimes it is reaching deep into my bag for the one or two tricks rarely used that their home might be calling for – but most of the time, I am not leaving them with a shopping list.

so, when I am asked (usually at the beginning of a new consult): how much is this really going to cost me?, the best and most honest answer I can give is: whatever you feel like spending.

keeping in mind purchases usually come down to personal preferences. and if there are expenditures, they are usually in line with something you’re already chasing – so, we’re refining that spend so it is a smart, intentional investment.

however, even if your space needs a little décor rehab, it isn’t the only thing you can do to make it feel better. in fact, little shifts made intentionally in our rituals / routines create the real BIG change and that energy isn’t label or cost specific. 

in this week’s episode of House Therapy, I share 3 client stories – to give you an idea of what those shifts can realistically feel like and why BIG change isn’t triggered by a BIG spend.

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