house therapy | in the spirit of averages

every time I teach a *new-to-me* group of shui curious souls, I am reminded by just how persuasive those first impressions of Feng Shui can be – like the bagua.

we want to give it (the bagua) all the credit for the problems or challenges we’re having, but the truth is there are other considerations that count for a lot more.

so, I spend the next few weeks (in my course) impressing upon them those considerations – like, chi challenges, yin and yang chi expressions, the 5 Elements, and more.

I spend the last part of each class hopefully putting out any fires that may ramp up over concern that one part of their house or one feature could (still) be chronically problematic.

and I do it by sharing a story on *averages*…

listen to this week’s episode of House Therapy to hear the story and how this works in any home.


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