house therapy | instructions for a beautiful new year

with only a few embers left in this twenty-twenty three fire, it’s time to share with you a few tips on how to Feng Shui your home for the year ahead.

and in true AGP fashion of trying to lift the bar a little higher every year, I’ve peppered a few new suggestions onto the list.

so, let’s shake our tail feathers and get after it, shall we?

after giving this week’s episode of House Therapy a listen, I have a few more ideas for all you new year preppers, but you gotta be subscribed to my newsletter because that’s where those instructions will be delivered later this week. so, if you don’t always pop those open, make sure you watch for Friday’s drop!

and on that note, thank you so much for listening and loving the show this year. it means everything to have a community that acknowledges, appreciates and accentuates the power of home, so a thousand thanks and a happy, happy new year! xo