house therapy | let’s talk about chi, baby!

your energy is constantly and consistently engaging with everything in your surroundings. so, a good question to ask yourself often: is my ecosystem nourishing me (and my success) or is it disruptive to my overall well-being?

regardless of what’s currently happening under this environmental influence, you are being presented an opportunity! at any given moment, you can “plant” some good luck and nutritive energy in your home –and give yourself a chi boost!

Feng Shui offers several helpers – and each one of these chi enhancers is so versatile, it doesn’t matter when or where you use them either. add them to any part of your house (or any part of the bagua), and they will raise the room’s vibration as well as your own consciousness in the space.

after giving this week’s episode a listen, you might even be tempted to start a BIG chi party around your house, so one quick shout out to the power of moderation. chi enhancers stimulate energy. so, add 1-2 things (from this episode’s list) in a space that feels like it could use the wake-up call, and watch what happens! xo