house therapy | power dress code

there are plenty of perspectives when it comes to shui and our closets, but we’re going to spend today considering what you wear from an elemental influence. (if you are not familiar with the 5 elements, jog back to the episode “meet the Fab 5” so you have a wee bit of context first.)

after listening to that conversation, you know the 5 elements are like a spice cabinet. they each have their own unique profile of energy flavors to offer and serve you, and color is a frequently traveled gateway to learning to work with them. so, how does that have anything to do with getting dressed?

well…just you wait.

ask yourself: what energy do I need or would like to have today? what energy do I want to give off? how do I want people to “see” and experience me today?

this week’s episode will help you decide!

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