house therapy | the bagua, your chakras, and YOU!

when working with a client, I will sometimes I consider the bagua in a less-traditional way, and that is through the alignment of life areas with our own energy meridians – the chakras.

to be clear, I do not balance chakras, and I don’t prescribe any time of behavior modification or self-care around the chakras. what I am interested in – and what I am exploring in this week’s episode of House Therapy – is how their energy correlates with the bagua and how that can help me define or determine where to put effort in a home.

because if there is something I adore, it is the overlap and generous similarities the energetic practices and wisdom share. listen here, and if you are LOVING the weekly episodes, please leave us a little rating and review. it lets us know you are enjoying the weekly drops o’ shui! xo