house therapy | the year of your dream home

“the year of your dream home” came right out of a catalog I pulled from my mailbox a couple weeks ago…and I loved the phrase.

your home deserves to be a place where your dreams are somewhere in the conversation, so running with this idea…

how about we discuss your “dreams” based on the bagua?


what if we come up with something for each gua that can really cater to the energy of that area and living the life of your dreams?


what if we treated ourselves to something that didn’t feel cost prohibitive or cost exhaustive?

since every area of your “dream” life is represented on this map, we’re going engage a few rituals and implement a couple suggestions so that you’re bringing a new awareness and level of attention to that area of your life – simply by doing something intentionally in a defined energy spot of your home.

in this week’s episode of House Therapy, we’re starting with Skills / Knowledge / Self-Cultivation, Family / New Beginnings, and Wealth / Prosperity.

have a listen, and I hope your home enjoys the dreamy shui GLOW up!


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