house therapy | work your moon magic

I am not overly devoted to the moon cycles – meaning, I am not the one writing down intentions every new moon or releasing limiting beliefs with every full moon. I don’t always charge crystals or space clear in sync with the moon phases.

instead, I observe moon phases as ritual maintenance reminders. as in, I pair pretty practical – maybe even boring – rituals with the NEW or FULL MOON because it’s a reliable and sustainable schedule (for me) to ensure a few things around the home are taken care of monthly.

so, if you’re curious about what shui moves I make when working with moon magic, this week’s episode of House Therapy is a must listen! and if you LOVE the episode, it would make my year if you’d leave the show a rating and review. your encouragement invites new listeners to the table, and new listeners means even more homes are getting a little shui TLC! and around here, that is my favorite high note to hear! xo