house therapy | you asked, I answered!

happy 2024, shui beams!

with so much fresh glimmering potential in the forecast, I want to start this party with a few As to your burning Qs so you feel ready to own the year!

in this week’s episode of House Therapy, we’re tackling two FAQs:

first up, if you want to avoid bringing home unwanted energy with you from your workplace, I have a handful of suggestions for Y O U. I shared a few quick As over here, so check those out (if you want a quick skim!).

and then, keep listening because we discuss shui suggestions for weight loss.

per the House Therapy uzhe, I’m sharing more than couple ideas, so a quick refresh on “best practices”:

even if your pockets are full of shui, you don’t need to employ all the suggestions all at once. a little dab o’shui will do ya because you can always come back for more…

and on that note, enJOY this week’s episode – and if you could, I would LOVE and appreciate a rating +/or review – the more applause the show gets, the greater its reach (and the wider my smile becomes!). xo