how to shui your way out of a creative rut

have you joined Clubhouse yet? i’ve been talking shui over there, and the topic of “creative ruts” recently came up…


if your hut feels like the rut these days, let’s get your creativity cracklin’ with 5 simple shui moves pretty much anyone can do!

move 27 things around. any time your life feels stale, move 27 items in your home. this excites the chi in your space and frees it from hum-drum familiarity.

be in command. this little ditty observes that the best position for a bed and desk is on the wall opposite the door – preferably a little off to the side instead of directly aligned with the door. and ideally, a solid wall is behind your headboard or desk chair, like it’s “got your back.” think mafia boss sitting in the back of the room, up against a solid wall (not windows or doors), fully aware of everyone coming and going. not only does this ensure you “see” opportunity around you, it keeps you ready to roll!

freshen up your perspective! dull joy is happening in homes everywhere, and we don’t even notice it – which is precisely the problem! when we outgrow certain things – like what hangs on our walls. dull joy lulls us into a mediocre version of happy, and we get comfy with what is. and while happy is a good thing, the knot is this: we outgrow comfortable and become complacent, and that has a sneaky way of becoming “change adverse.” take everything off the walls, let them breathe for a few days, and only put back what you LOVE. trust me, this will bulldoze the dull joy right out of your life!

wake up your workspace. mirrors jazz up a space, bringing it to life. and the more active a space is, the more stimulated we feel. so, if you need to fasten yourself to a little creativity, let a mirror expand this possibility for you!

clear some clutter. prosperity (energy, enthusiasm, money, opportunities, +/or the instincts to follow them) comes with moving energy. energy needs pockets of empty/open space to literally and figuratively move around. so, if you have clutter, consider it might be sabotaging whatever refreshments (hope, possibility, invitation for change) are trying to come your way. xo