if you’ve got anxiety or the blues, this is for YOU!

one of the reasons i LOVE Feng Shui so much is it often reveals what is “hidden” or disruptive in our lives. when we moved to our house, we spent so much time, effort and resource trying to make it feel like home. and while some of the issues were stylistic and design specific, what was really underneath our restlessness and frustrations – i learned so much later – was the layout of our home and some of its surroundings.

so, if you’re feeling anxious, look for these culprits:

+ a loud neighborhood (busy road, ongoing construction, etc.)
+ harsh overhead lighting
+ bright white walls
+ overly yang features / surroundings
+ a split entry
+ a home that sits at a T-intersection or up against a cliff

if you’ve got the moody blues, ‘suss out these possible contributors:

+ low lighting and / or limited natural light
+ an absence of color
+ clutter
+ overly yin features / surroundings
+ a nature deficit (think of nature like trees outside the window or plants around your space)
+ a home that sits at a dead end

the good news? all of these have pretty simple solutions! in my new course *Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant*, we cover remedies for these types of deficiencies and interferences – so, if you’re curious to learn how your home can bring out the best in you FOR YOU, check it out, babe! xo