is it time to shui size your life?

I shared this tip recently, promising I would explain why (and how) size matters – particularly when it comes to shui changes.

so, first things first, this is not a MORE IS MORE scenario.

when working with shui to influence change in our lives, we’re applying deliberate energy to a space or circumstance. that application is usually the energy trigger, and the size (of the change, adjustment, or remedy) is often part of its influence.

here are a few ways this could be at play in your home (or office):

no. 1: mirrors

mirrors are chi enhancers – they “enhance” chi. the bigger the mirror, the more “activity” they generate.

in a bedroom, for instance, a big mirror might be “too activating” – which can sometimes be the reason for restlessness or insomnia. the room is “too awake” for you to fall asleep.

however, if there is a slim mirror on the back of your teenager’s bedroom door, there isn’t room for them to themselves or “the BIG picture” – which can lead to thinking, playing or feeling small.

no. 2: desk size:

a “too big” desk will feel like you’re not up for the challenges.

a “too small” desk will feel put a limit on your aspirations.

give yourself enough room to feel like you can spread out without feeling overwhelmed, and if you are someone who wants to be more ambitious, go for a desk that feels a tad bigger than what feel comfortable!

no. 3: bed(room) considerations

in a shared bedroom, if one nightstand is smaller than the other, or one side of the bed has less floor space than the other…

it suggests the person with “more” space likely holds more ground (in the relationship) or potentially feels more deserving / more important than the other person in that relationship.

however, if a shared bed is a king-size mattress and it is sometimes accompanied by two twin-size box springs (as support), it can suggest there is too much room left between the couple and there could be an energetic separation in the partnership.

no. 4: open floor space

how much open floor space do you have?

if you have more things in your space and they take up square footage, energy probably moves in your life a little bit more slowly.

if your floors are mostly bare or wide open, it might feel like life is always moving or on the go!

no. 5: inviting change into your world

when you make BIG changes in your space, it suggests BIG changes in your life. (anyone who has gone through a renovation likely “gets” this.)

so, if you’re wanting to call in something new, use this to your advantage! the bigger the change in your environment, the more palpable the shift in energy – and that usually drives and inspires the exact motivation that leads to success! xo