is your house ‘hungover’?

right before the new year, I was in “beast” mode around our home.

we packed up the holiday décor; purged the fridge, freezer and pantry; and gave the office a good deep clean.

the laundry was done, cars were washed, and money was stashed in the wallets.

every inch of this space was dusted, vacuumed, or swept.

fresh flowers and juicy oranges donned the house. we were ‘officially’ buttoned up and ready for the New Year.

New Year’s Eve came, and we decided (very last minute) to go out with friends.

the dinner was delish, the conversation even better, and the drinks flowed.

which is why I woke up on the first day of 2024 with the worst headache.

yep, I started the year with a hangover.

I had done alllll this work to welcome in the new year, and here I was – depleted, dehydrated and drowsy.

sure, the house was a perfect backdrop for a little recovery, but my contribution to day one was “meh.”

and it got me thinking:

so often, we work ourselves – physically, mentally, socially, financially, emotionally, professionally – to the bone, and we overlook the backdrop for all this: our home.

we spend so much time trying to fix, improve, maintain, or enhance some part of us – and when the results don’t come through, we are susceptible to blaming ourselves for that outcome.

and yet, I’ve lost count on how many times I’m in a client’s home and – at a glance – see why someone is struggling with a particular challenge or situation.

your house is part of your overall success plan, too.

and if it is – let’s say – in a hungover state (like I was on New Year’s Day), you’re not getting the best of what it has to offer YOU.

when I created my online course, I deliberately added Module Four (all about chi challenges) so that the things I see happening in homes most – those features that are tripping people up and they aren’t even aware of it – were on the table for your immediate consumption.

I want you to learn how to make your home as cooperative and supportive of the life you deserve, and to do that, you gotta know a few basic moves.

now, whether you take my course or not (and you know I would LOVE to have you join, so please do!), please remember this:

as you’re working on whatever agenda you have for yourself this year, PLEASE make your home part of that strategy.

it might feel like one more thing to add on your list, but I promise you this:

a little house TLC as you go will have you showing up for yourself in the most spectacular ways, so leap into your home’s arms and watch what happens when the two of your start having a conversation! xo