once upon a time, I was YOU!

what can I expect from learning Feng Shui?

will your course really change anything for me?

this feels like a BIG investment – is it *worth* it?

I want to take your course…eventually.

first things first, I am a BIG believer in when the time is right for you, it’s the right time.

however, a few notes in the inbox have come with several questions, so I wanted to share a little more about my shui beginnings…for anyone on the fence about hopping in class with me.

because once upon a time, I was YOU.

I’ve shared the story about our home – and all the things starting to “go wrong” in our lives shortly after we moved into it. there are a few other parts of the story that absolutely matter, too, that I don’t share as often:

O N E: we were cash strapped, but our home needed some changes – for our own sanity sake. my frustration, at the time, was BIG changes felt completely out of reach – either cost exhaustive or effort-risky (like, painting the 18-foot ceiling hallway ourselves).


we didn’t have money to frivolously spend, so our choices needed to be “smart.”

Feng Shui helped.

once I began to know what each room meant…

what each feature (walls, desks, mirrors, etc.) represented…

and how all of it energetically matched a part of our lives…

I was able to filter our improvements by the changes we most needed to see and feel.

T W O: even though it was a lot of money for us to spend (that we could’ve put into our home improvements), I invested in a couple professional Feng Shui consultations. each practitioner charged by the hour, varying from $399 – $500.

that investment could be perceived as wasteful, but deep down I knew that expertise was going to expedite the results we were seeing.

I trusted my gut it was right for us, and I wasn’t wrong.

T H R E E: shortly after starting to learn shui and hiring help, I noticed two BIG changes:

first, my energy was responding with each “upgrade.”

I was waking up with more enthusiasm each day, “mildly obsessed” with learning more.

all this momentum was also propelling me into new people’s orbits. I was “suddenly” aware of so many authors, thought leaders, and bloggers (the early influencers!) that were championing ideas that I’d been completely unaware of only months before “meeting” shui. it was all lifting me onto even higher ground.

secondly, the synchronicities happening were off the charts and I started wondering if shui was bulletproof. (you can listen / watch me here sharing that whole story.)

F O U R: the more I learned, the more I transformed.

I was more confident, which meant I was worrying less.

I was more curious, which meant I wasn’t easily distracted.

I was so interested in understanding this conversation between my life and our home, and that translated into everything in our lives feeling a little bit easier.

F I V E (and my favorite): I had this new awareness (matched with experience) that I could take an intention and pair it with a home improvement or change in our surroundings that actually created a result.

so, to answer your “I am on the fence” Qs:

Feng Shui will shower you with ideas and inspiration through its specific directives for creating the best possible energy in your space. understanding your home and working with its energy intentionally is what begins attracting opportunities and synchronicities into your life.

it’s how the impossible starts to feel totally possible.

so, if you’re ready to learn the mechanics of magic in your home, join me over here. we’re only two weeks into the live sessions, so you can still join the weekly classes and conversations happening! xo

*photo from 2009, when I decided I wanted to help others learn Feng Shui, too.