one way to LOVE where you live…

one of the first things i learned in shui: if something is broken, you fix, replace, or release it immediately. this is because of Feng Shui’s metaphorical nature. the idea is if something is broken, you could feel “strapped for cash” as well.

in the beginning, i adhered to the guidance exactly. eventually, though, more difficult decisions emerged. what about the chips in plates we’d received as a wedding gift? or the holes in an incredibly comfortable sweatshirt?

and that’s when i confronted two opposing ideas. i subscribed to the idea that shui is living with what you LOVE. if LOVE isn’t perfect, how could all broken things be inherently bad?

as my studies deepened into the energy of our things, i learned much of our world had been designed with deliberate imperfections…

wabi sabi admires imperfection, so the crack in the tea cup is celebrated. Navajo weavers introduce a “spirit line” into each weaving – an acknowledgement that only God is perfect. Buddhist monks will have a small patch on their robes – a reminder of the patchwork garment Buddha worn and a gentle acceptance of our human flaws. even more surprising? cathedrals, mosques, and beautiful buildings were often built with slight, intentional asymmetries.

these imperfections are humble reminders that we are a work in progress, not perfection. and that beauty is enhanced, not diminished, in these blemishes.

so, when does this rule of shui apply?

look for it in the things you don’t LOVE. those are the things that don’t feel deserving of your resources (time, money, effort). it will be the pile of long-forgotten toys needing fixed; gadgets that have since been replaced; or even the chipped plates that you never use.


as you let those things go, become more judicious with what you allow in your home. much of what we consume today lacks the ability to “travel well.” it was designed to be loved today, replaced tomorrow. lean toward quality when purchasing, and consider splurges as long-term investments. when we spend our money (which is ultimately our time), it deserves to be something we genuinely LOVE – so that even when the cracks or nicks happen, we perhaps LOVE it even more. xo