Q & A: could you explain the do and don’ts of mirrors?

Q: my question is about mirrors. I am so confused about where I should and should not put them.

Should I take them out of my bedroom? But then what? I don’t have a walk-in closet.

Should I keep them away from windows? I have a lot of windows in my house and I don’t want to direct energy out but I also like mirrors and want to take advantage of the benefits that they can bring into a home.

I currently have 3 leaning against walls just waiting to be hung and I know that’s bad but I’m paralyzed by confusion. Could you please explain for me the dos and don’ts of mirrors? 

A: a quick note that there is a House Therapy podcast episode dedicated to mirror magic, so let’s quickly touch on mirrors and the bedroom.

hear me loud and clear: mirrors are okay in the bedroom. the notion of them being *bad* in a bedroom stems from shui being taken out of context. so, here are a couple other things you oughta know when it comes to having one in the bedroom:

no. 1: with mirrors, size matters. if you think of them like a light that is always on — except, instead of lighting up a space, they are always reflecting one . so, a big mirror would be equivalent to a high-wattage light (that never turns off). like light, mirrors enhance energy around them – the very act of reflection keeps a space “active” and activity can make a space feel more awake. which means, if sleep (or a quiet mind at night) eludes you, consider downsizing a big mirror.

no. 2: a mirror’s reflection essentially doubles the energy it “sees.” so, pay attention to what yours mirrors when it’s not reflecting you.

is it focused outside on a busy road?

is it reflecting piles of procrastination, obligations, for rustrations?

these “suggestions” might be a good reason to move them around or out of the bedroom.

no. 3: in terms of directing the energy out of the house, I look at mirrors as doubling what they reflect – that reflection is the energy they are doubling. fortunately, mirrors have different translations, depending on the school of shui you’re inquiring into. however, most of the magic – that bouncing energy back or out – is often case-specific depending on the home itself and a lot of other factors. so, don’t focus on the mosh pit of info you’ve gathered on Google about mirrors.

instead, focus on what is “seen” by the mirror. does it feel supportive to you? if so, leave it hanging with confidence. and, as with any Feng Shui adjustment, if you notice anything that changes in a way that feels disagreeable to you, try covering the mirror up for a few days and notice if that calms the choppy waters.

hope that helps! xo