Q & A: roses and thorns – what’s your take?

Q:Roses and thorns – what’s your take?

A: I actually detested roses until several years ago when I read the book The Way of the Rose – and I have been smitten with them ever since. I highly recommend the read, although I will tell you it does veer every now again into “weird.”

that said, here is the excerpt that had me sit up straight and smell the roses differently:

“Roses are very old. Fossils of five-petaled roses have been found in the archaeological record from 35 million years ago. Some have said that the five petals of the first cultivated roses mirrored the five fingers of the human hand – that, because of that shape, early humans were already in love with the rose. But if we loved roses enough to cultivate them in great number, roses seem to have loved us in return. If humans planted roses because roses were beautiful, roses taught humans what beauty is. Possibly, roses taught humans what love is.”

and then…

right as my love affair for roses was taking off, I also learned that roses have the highest frequency of all tangible things, which made me think, “how about we just have that on tap 24/7, please and thank you.”

hence, my dedication to the rose bouquets week after week after week.

so, back to the Q – “what about ‘dem thorns?”

anything sharp or prickly is said – in shui – to get the attention of our subconscious because it’s continually on the lookout for danger or threat. obviously, we know the thorns require caution. (and now, if you’ve ever heard people talk about cactus or rose bushes being problematic when it comes to shui, you know why.) we don’t want anything that screams caution interfering with the energy we call into our homes, areas of our lives, etc.

however, I have been lucky in finding roses without thorns – there are a few hybrid stems these days that are becoming more common at the grocery store. and for those times when I do find a color that makes me swoon but the stems have thorns, I come home and – just like I cut the stems before putting them in the vase – I caught the thorns off, too. xo