Q & A: should I space clear before a party?

Q: My family is hosting a large, end of year party at our house for my 12-year old’s team, and all the boys + parents + siblings are invited. While I’m assuming I should clean and cleanse the house energetically afterwards, is there anything energy-wise I should be doing in advance to ensure a fun-filled event and good time for all?

A: I would actually do a deep cleanse before everyone comes, if you feel like you have the time and inclination.

here’s why: whenever we space clear, it is always a really good idea to fill that freshy-fresh, blank canvas with as much JOY as possible, so a party after your space clearing would be a BIG deposit of exactly that!

after the party, you could do a quick energetic mopping with a bowl (or two) of salt left out (up to 24 hours) to absorb any stray energies that might have cut loose during the party.

the other thing I LOVE doing – and this would be done before the party – is refreshing the salt at your front door threshold. (this is simply a quick sprinkling of salt along the outside “seam” of your front door porch and entry hall.) the salt acts as a “filter”, snagging any unwanted energy (your guests might be carrying) before it walks in the door.

hope that helps, and PARTY ON! xo