Q & A: should the bed face the door to the room or a view out?

Q: Our bedroom faces a nice backyard – should the bed still face the door to the room or, rather, the view out?

A: my standard answer is you want to see the door from bed. this is known as *being in command* or *facing your life*, and it really keeps a lot of experiences at bay.

we’ve touched on this over on the House Therapy podcast, but a quick recap:

no. 1: this arrangement suggests we can more easily see opportunity coming and take advantage of it in the moment. it also means we see challenges coming and that gives us an advantage because we have more time to prepare.

no. 2: our subconscious feels a sense of protection “seeing what’s heading our way” and that allows us a sense of control as we face the world.

no. 3: we are more open and receptive to support and discerning advice. likewise, it allows you to find the truths within any constructive (or critical) feedback received, making it easy to take what is useful and leave the rest.

no. 4: it keeps us open to new opportunities, perspectives, possibilities and adventures.

all that said…

I know that the view out the window might be so scrumptious, it almost feels worth it to keep your back to the door. so, if that is you, try this: hang a mirror somewhere so it reflects the door, giving you visibility and awareness of who is coming into the room. it won’t be as effective as being in command, but it is your next best option! xo