Q & A: the extra bedroom is in the Love / Relationship area…could this affect my ability to meet someone?

Q: I have a two-story home. Downstairs in the love relationship is an extra bedroom that my grandson stays in when he is here. Everything in the room belongs to my grandson.  Most of the time, it is vacant. I keep it clean. My husband passed two years ago. Could my grandson’s vacant room affect my ability to meet someone else?

A: there are a couple things I want to address here – (1) when we have someone or something in a room that we feel is affecting its potential; and (2) the vacancy chi.

so, first up, I am going to encourage you to focus less on that part of the home and pour some of that energy into your bedroom. make sure this space reflects partnership in the décor choices and preferences. as a reminder, common culprits with relationship woes are single-imagery (avoid photos of one person or something that denotes a single item); unequal space (when someone moves in and isn’t provided equal space, it implies the other person takes up more space); and anything in the room that interferes with sensuality and romance. treat your bedroom as if you are in a new relationship – and get into those details – and you’ll be off to an excellent start.

now, if there is the opportunity to indulge the Love area of your bedroom, this is another way you can make the most of working with the Feng Shui map. we can apply the Feng Shui map – or bagua – to the house itself, to any room, and even to the mattress. it is versatile and plenty happy to accommodate you with more options!

if the Love area downstairs is “spoken for” and you can’t quite do much with the Love area of your bedroom, consider the living room your motherboard. work your bagua over it and apply any and all remedies / adjustments / changes here with confidence.

finally, find a way to engage the vacant room. a guest room in the love area doesn’t concern me at all – the lack of energy and attention does. put some lights on timers. turn on music in there. place a bird feeder or wind chime outside the window, and if possible, hang a mirror across from the window. bottom line: find a reason to energize that room a little more routinely! xo