Q & A: what can I do to not bring home “bad energy” from work?

Q: what can I do to not bring home “bad energy” from work?

A: here are a few suggestions I share with clients…

NO. 1: if you’re someone who already appreciates crystals, consider wearing them – remembering that DARK crystals absorb energy and LIGHT crystals amplify it.

if you have a difficult co-worker or environment, slip a piece of TOURMALINE (which protects your aura and repels low note energy); LABRADORITE (this acts as shield against other people’s energy); or BLACK OBSIDIAN (it deflects negative energy back to its source) in your pocket for the day.

to cleanse your crystal, place it in the sun. repeat.

NO. 2: avoid wearing black every day. black is absorbent, so it’s best worn around people you trust and like/LOVE. as a general rule, if a space feels negative to you, wearing the color black leaves you more vulnerable to impact with low vibes and difficult people, both of which can drain your energy.

my suggestion? add a little red or white to your wardrobe. red burns through drama (now you know why I LOVE a bold lip!) and lets energy vampires know you’re not there for the taking! white signifies heaven, cosmic protection, and authority – so, think of it as having the power of BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT at your disposal.

NO. 3: another go to solution: you know I LOVE salt for clearing the air. an adaptation for this: keep a sachet of salt in your pocket for protection during the workday, and toss the salt (in an outside trash or in the garden/dirt bed) at the end of the day. once the salt has absorbed the day’s energy, you want to get rid of it. Start with a fresh stash the next day.

NO. 4: I also LOVE the power of EUCALYPTUS as this plant (or essential oil) literally clears the air – which means it brings fresh energy (perspectives, opportunities, +/or relief) to almost any situation. even better? it creates a gentle boundary without “constraining” anyone else.

two ways to work with it: find a packet of loose Eucalyptus leaves (look on Etsy.com) to keep in your pocket or in an envelope in your station drawer. or, before you head to work, put a few drops (you might want to add a carrier oil first, if your skin is sensitive) in your palms, rub them together, and cup your palms loosely over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply. repeat during the day, as necessary.

NO. 5: another way to use mirror magic – wear a mirrored necklace. even tucked under your clothing, the magic still works! this will reflect difficult energy back to its source, and keep you out of its fray.

and on that note, two gentle reminders:

none of these replace your self-care regimen. when we take care of ourselves, we’re naturally fortifying ourselves from unwanted chi.


you only need to work with one of these suggestions. more here is not “better.” xo