Q & A: what is the Feng Shui opinion about hanging things above your bed?

Q: “what is the Feng Shui opinion about hanging things above your bed?

I have empty space above my bed and I’ve been wanting to hang something there for a while, but I get a sense that certain things could be harmful and some could be helpful, especially when it comes to wanting to foster a good relationship with sleep! what are your thoughts on this?”

A: much like having our bed in command, what hangs above your head “gets” the attention of your subconscious. remember, our subconscious is acutely aware of what’s happening around us and trying to make sure we’re aware and wired for survival, so…

when people hang anything heavy above the headboard, my first question is “how do you sleep?”

if sleep is elusive and you have something heavy over your bed, I suggest switching it out for something soft. if for some reason that “soft” decor fell, it wouldn’t actually cause physical harm – which means your subconscious isn’t as keyed into it…and you can fall asleep more soundly.

one other consideration:

take note of anything with sharp edges pointing at you in bed. this “pointed” chi can, over time, wear down your immune system, cause headaches, and / or lead to fatigue ailments. again, it is just that stubborn subconscious on high alert trying its best to protect you. so, if you’ve got floating shelves overhead, pay attention to where those edges point – and make sure that they’re not coming at you.

hope this helps! xo