Q & A: what plants would you recommend for the bedroom?

Q: what plants would you recommend for the bedroom? I have a large windowsill and east facing light, so I’d love to have something special flourish there!

A: when it comes to plants in the bedroom, this is one of those topics you might get mixed reviews on depending on the practitioner you ask.


it “stems” from plants being living chi – and that “wide awake” energy could potentially be disruptive at night.

however, many practitioners see this differently, and I am among them. plants are living chi, so this “bringing their own life force to your space” could also be a really good thing.

like any client I work with, though, there are a few things to keep in mind that matter more than what type of plant to bring in:

no. 1: if they wilt or struggle, remove them immediately – even if you want to rehab them. I have heard some energetic practices believe if a plant dies, it has absorbed some negative energy for you. so, if you have plants dying or recall times when they did, reflect on if those were periods of high stress of difficulty in your life.

no. 2: if a plant dies, check that space for any other unfavorable chi – it might be a hint that something needs correcting in the space.

no. 3: size matters. plants generate life force, so the bigger the plant, the more energy it exudes. this is not a problem if you sleep well and wake up refreshed. however, if you don’t, try moving the plant out of the room for a few nights. notice any difference?

one note: if you struggle with an automimmue issue, scale back if you have big or many (or both!) plants in the room. small plants are okay and encouraged, but you want the majority of the chi flourishing in the space reaching you – not the plant.

no. 4: in terms of suggestions for the space, here are a few worth considering:

ivy is an excellent air quality controller.

a peace lily will actually hydrates the room, so if you wake up feeling parched, this might be the RX for you.

spider plants are awesome at removing lingering, stagnant smells, so if freshy-fresh makes you happy happy, invite one in!

jasmine is considered alluring, so if love and sensuality are on your mind, this would woo that energy your way.

ferns prefer to be misted, so they bring a little dose of humidity with them – which is FAB if you feel parched or dired out. also, if you are afraid of the watering requirements for any of the other options, they’re pretty low maintenance.

bottom line: go with what you LOVE, and you won’t be disappointed!