Q & A: what’s the Feng Shui on a corner lot fence?

Q: our house is on a corner lot, and I’m feeling the urge to put a fence around our front yard. any thoughts from Feng Shui perspective on fence vs. no fence on a corner lot? 

A: this is one of those Qs that is tricky to answer because so much depends on the environmental influences around the house, so keeping this super generic, what I can tell you to consider is this…

no. 1: when it comes to outside shui, the first consideration is the energy around your property. is it nourishing and nurturing, or is it struggling?

no. 2: are there roads running by the corner? if so, what is the traffic (amount, speed, time of day) situation?

when we live near a busy, highly trafficked or high-speed road, it can feel like things are coming and going all the time – and, over time, this will have an exhaustive effect. in this situation, a fence serves as a barrier and protector.

no. 3: are you in the thick of the woods – which means maybe there’s nothing busy around you but the green growth of the land? if this is you, I don’t know that a fence is necessary – only because you have so much chi already around you that adding an additional barrier might make it harder for opportunities, etc. to reach you.

no. 4: if you’re living on the corner lot of a mildly active street during the day, quiet road by the night neighborhood, the fence really comes down to these final few Qs:

does it feel protective to you?

does it create a sense of healthy separation between you and whatever is on the other side of your property line?

do you like clear boundaries?

if so, a fence could be the perfect addition.

hope those answers help!

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