Q & A: when it comes to placing the bed in *command*, which practice wins?

Q: when the command position (or even semi-command – is that a thing?) for the bed cannot be achieved while keeping the head facing either north or east, which practice wins? 

A: what I *think* you’re asking is do I recommend command or power directions? if so…

I almost always choose command, and here’s why…

if we traveled back to the start of Feng Shui, its original purpose was to find auspicious burial spots for Chinese royalty. the *auspicious* configuration was specific – mountain to the back for support, protection and longevity; rolling hills to the side for support and protection and comfort; and a view of the valley in front – creating room for auspicious chi to gather and collect.

or, essentially, command position.

so, for me, command pulls from the ancient teachings while also having tremendous modern-day applicability.

when we aren’t in command, as I have shared in posts and podcasts, it can interfere with that sense of protection and access to opportunity.

so, a quick run through of best options:

NO. 1: the best space for a bed is along a solid wall with no doors or windows. ideally, this space also allows you to see anyone coming through the door. the bed is also not in alignment with the doorway — you enter the room and easily walk across the room without the bed blocking you.

NO. 2: the next best position for a bed is along a wall with windows; however, the windows are not above the headboard or bed. everything else mentioned above would remain the same.

NO. 3: a less ideal position is when the bed shares a wall with the doorway. since you must turn to see who comes in the door, it can create an anxious feeling of “not knowing what’s around the corner.”

NO. 4: other less favorable positions are (a) a window above the headboard/bed; (b) when the bed is in alignment with the door, blocking you from walking across the room; and/or (c) when the foot of a bed faces the door. all of these, by the way, have fixes.

so, here’s what I suggest…

give yourself permission to move the bed around and experiment. try the arrangements that you have the real estate for, and notice how you sleep, how you feel during the day, what happens in your life. give every arrangement (if you have more than one possibility) at least a 9-day run. and when you find the one that feels most agreeable, stay with that!

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