Q & A: would an EO diffuser work in my wealth gua?

Q: would an eseential oil (EO) diffuser work in my wealth gua?

A: assuming the intention is to work with your diffuser as a “moving water” feature, the answer is YES.

a couple other thoughts about an essential oil diffuser and ways to maximize one in the Wealth gua…

NO 1: I teach this in my courses – the Wealth gua is connected to the first chakra. so, if worth is something you struggle with, your Wealth gua can be of service. I like to pair a gentle, reassuring essential oil with this life area since we have the ability to shift the chi through our sense of smell. I particularly LOVE rose, grapefruit, or even lavender for this, but choose what makes you feel most supported, taken care of, like your best self can come to the surface!

NO. 2: I also LOVE working with scent to invigorate the sense of abundance, so think of what suggests wealth to you. again, it could be roses. you know I LOVE oranges for suggesting the sweet life, so that scent pairs well here, too. maybe it is Frankincense since it is the KING of oils. maybe there is a blend of oils that remind you of a favorite destination or hotel, and you could make that your home’s signature scent!

NO. 3: the element most at home in Wealth is Wood, so any of your tree or plant scents would form the perfect partnership here – cedar, eucalyptus, cypress, juniper, and spruce all come to mind!

Cedar for is FAB for revitalizing confidence.

Eucalyptus is a breath of fresh air that translates to bringing fresh energy (perspectives, opportunities, +/or relief) to almost any situation.

Cypress helps us feel grounded, secure and open to change – and it purifies surrounding energies. it also has an energising scent which helps us when our own energy levels are low.

and Juniper protects us from negative energy and people in our environment.

hope one (or a few) of these ideas helps! xo