Q & A: you talk about stagnant chi – is there anything besides clutter and broken things that cause it?

Q: “you talk about stagnant chi – is there anything besides clutter and broken things that cause it?”

A: the answer is YES, but first things first: what is stagnant chi? it is the kind of energy that feels stuffy, stuck, dormant – and sometimes, unhealthy. when we’re surrounded with stagnant chi, it’s common to feel unmotivated, unproductive, maybe even uncharacteristically lazy. and if it’s been afoot in a home for a while, you might have noticed very few (if any) opportunities presenting themselves…

so, besides clutter and broken things, here are a few other culprits to watch for:

TIP ONE: too much stuff in a room – and this doesn’t have to be clutter. it simply can be too many things in a space. this isn’t a shot at maximalism — i definitely lean that way myself! it is when the stuff is not getting moved around, dusted, or zhuzhed because, well, there is too much stuff.

TIP TWO: dark spaces – without light, there is little life force happening.

TIP THREE: energy that can’t or doesn’t move. so, think of this like a window or door that can’t open, but should be able to…

also, consider those lingering projects or unfinished commitments you took on, but there they sit…all of it serving up stalling energy.

TIP FOUR: bare spots in the yard – if it’s bare, there are no signs of life and that definitely suggests stagnant chi. so, fertilize the soil. and if you can’t do that, hang windchimes or bring the bird feeder in. you want to whip up the chi as much as possible!

TIP FIVE: finally, no matter how gorgeous it is, if you have a room that is not being used, it’s a stagnant chi zone. sorry, but high thread counts and designer labels or furniture are not chi enhancers themselves, so find a way to use those rooms! xo

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