Q: is there a way to read your blog in reverse order?

Q: “is there a way to read your blog in reverse order? i’d love to start at the beginning. i have listened to the podcast and that’s helping, but right now, i feel like i don’t know a lot of the terms you use – kind of like i was late to class. i have a gazillion questions, and i do search for answers but often find more questions.”

A: a reverse feature doesn’t exist for my blog, although that would be FAB!

however, i’ve been posting since 2008, so trying to metabolize a 15-year journey will absolutely generate more Qs than answers. there’s a lot there; there’s even more to shui than what i’ve shared.


it is the WHOLE reason i created my *Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant* course.

i remember how overwhelmed i felt when i first waded into this practice…

which is why i take you through the shui fundamentals in 6 user-friendly, super simple modules.

once you have the basics down, the resources included are organized so that you can build upon what you’ve learned in each module – all of it organized in a way that cuts confusion! 

and topping it off, i share my personalized process for applying it all when i am consulting.

my goal was to eliminate the considerable guesswork that happens learning shui.

looking back on my own learning curve, here is what i know for sure:

+ whenever i wanted to learn something quickly, i enrolled in Feng Shui classes and courses and coaches. access to expertise is the “short-cut.” it doesn’t mean you will understand everything overnight, but with expertise, you minimize the second guessing. 

+ when i didn’t have the money (or desire) to invest in programs and mentors, i would read a book; then read the books the author recommended; repeat. this required patience and a willingness to make mistakes as i followed suggestions and tips, but it was the *price* for learning this route. 

either way, though, the biggest investment here is YOU!

in the coming months, i will be sharing a few *7-day challenges* – sort of like a FENG SHUI BEGINNER’S GUIDE. and while the tips might seem overly simplified, let me assure you the wins embedded are BIG. so, when those drop, remember, it’s not just educating yourself in the principles, it’s the exposure to practice that gets the chi (results, rewards, recognition of it) to stick. xo