We’re back this week with our second element in our series, and today the spotlight is on FIRE! When it comes to transformation and expansion, FIRE knows how to blaze that trail. So, if you’re wondering how ‘lit’ your FIRE energy is, here are a few Qs to stoke that conversation!

Do I have several friends to rely on for support?

Am I loving and accepting of myself for who I am?

Do I love connecting and meeting new people with new ideas?

Am I compassionate and non-judgmental of myself? Of others?

If you answered YES to most (or all), you are tending your FIRE energy well. When we are open-hearted and self-accepting, we feel confident. And from that space, compassion and non-judgment flourish – which makes us aware of how much LOVE is in the air!

But if you’ve been feeling more dull than dazzling, I have a few suggestions in this episode for sparking your FIRE energy! EnJOY! xo