It’s time to meet METAL, my friends. This is the element devoted to beauty, refinement, and self-discipline. It’s also devoted to precision and confidence. And whenever I crave crystal clear clarity, it’s METAL that gives me my edge.

So, if you are in a creative slump or need a nudge to finish something up, METAL makes it happen! Wondering if your METAL energy could use some shining up? Here are a few Qs that will cut through any confusion:

If I love structure, am I flexible and adaptable in unexpected situations?

Am I intuitive? If so, do I use my intuition?

Do I turn creative thinking into solid action? 

Do I assume roles of leadership in work and life?

If you answered YES to most (or all), you are in cahoots with METAL energy! METAL influences us to be strong, precise, and confident. It’s the master of form and function, and its energy tends to make us sensitive (in a positive and productive way) to our environments – the sounds, scents, visuals, and vibrational energy.

If you suspect you’re missing out on METAL’s precious nutrients, though, EXHALE! In this episode, I share several ways to infuse your life with this element’s magic! xo